Super Foods : the best foods to eat at home in Lockdown Period (Covid-19)

Super Foods : the best foods to eat at home in Lockdown Period (Covid-19)
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The Best foods to eat at home in Lockdown Period (Covid-19) .The words Super Foods seems to get thrown around so frequently that it has cause a bit of mayhem. Due to all the mixed recommendations of a lot of so called nutrition Scientist & Experts.

Super Foods the best foods to eat at home in Lockdown Period (Covid-19)

With so many people recommending certain foods whether it be because of their nutritional value, their disease fighting qualities or simply to defy the aging process it can become confusing to decide what to stock in your home pantry.

In this post I will try to narrow down on certain “super foods” that are proven to have very good nutritional value but also keeping in mind accessibility.

It is pointless to recommend certain type of “super foods” if one has to travel half way across the world to get them. I will try to recommend certain high nutritional foods that one can easily by at the local market.

Superfoods contain an assortment of supplements, for example, cell reinforcements, which are thought to avert malignancy.

They additionally have solid fats, thought to forestall coronary illness; fiber, thought to forestall diabetes and stomach related issues; and phytochemicals — the synthetics in plants liable for profound hues and scents, which can have various medical advantages.

What are 3 Superfoods?

First on my list of highly nutritional foods will be with the good Avocados.

Is Avocados good or not for Health

What is the #1 Superfood?

#1. Avocados is something that is almost always available in the store, all year round. The avocado is one of the most under estimated fruits one can consume. It is very high in fiber and a great cholesterol neutralist.

why is avocados is #1 Superfood? | Is Avocados good or not for Health?

Avocados is #1 Superfood because its help to reduce the some diseases from our body its works as a Medicine.yes , avocados is good for health for under Eyes, Skin, Weight loss, Hair, Pimples, & Face etc.

#2 .Salmon Fish is with out a doubt some of the most nutritious “meat” one can eat. Salmon offers some of the best source of omega 3 fatty acids. Good for fight disease in the body and very for heart health.

#3. One thing that will almost always be guaranteed is our friends the “green leafy” vegetables. From broccoli to cabbage, if it is green it will almost always be considered a “super food”.

Green vegetable have proven themselves to be some of the healthiest foods one can eat on this planet. Green foods are so healthy that most juicers believe that it is necessary to have in all meals of the day. Green leafy vegetable have been proven to fight all sorts of human diseases with great effect.

It is not necessary to make this list so extensive that one want to pull ones hair out. It is always more effective and less confusing to make a grocery list that is concise and healthy at the same time.

Super food

What are the 25 Superfoods?

What is the best superfood for weight loss?

there are 35 Super foods available in my post .these are best for our health(1-35), Weight loss(1-15) & etc.

  1. Avocados
  2. Apples
  3. Black Beans
  4. Green Tea
  5. Sardines
  6. Salmon
  7. Chia Seeds
  8. Canned Salmon
  9. Eggs
  10. Spinach
  11. Coconut Oil
  12. Pumpkin Seeds
  13. Blueberries
  14. Spirulina
  15. Cocao Nibs
  16. Beets
  17. Horseradish
  18. Sweet Potato
  19. Cruciferous Vegetable
  20. Dark, Leafy Green
  21. Alliums
  22. Whole Grains
  23. Spelt
  24. Turmeric
  25. Cinnamon
  26. Oregano
  27. Ginger, Cayenne, Black Pepper
  28. Miso
  29. Yogurt
  30. Sesame Seeds
  31. Walnuts
  32. Dark Chocolate
  33. Flaxseed
  34. Figs
  35. Seaweed



So there you go, I hope that this will help shed light on the topic of super foods.