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Netflix Tech Tips | Movies to watch with friends on netflix

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Netflix Tech Tips | movies to watch with friends on netflix :Sometimes the sole impediment to a relaxing evening spent with a bowl of popcorn and the comforting glow of the TV is deciding on a movie to watch. Whether you’re trying to satisfy a specific mood, or looking for that one Werner Herzog movie you haven’t seen yet, Netflix’s movie recommendations leave a lot to be desired.

No, we’re not interested in yet another cerebral, witty, foreign film with a strong woman. That’s where the following sites come in handy. These services are like your obnoxiously knowledgeable film geek friend, except without all the condescending eye rolls over how you haven’t seen ‘The Seventh Seal’ yet.


Rotten Tomatoes
Jinni leads the pack with a unique, topical recommendation engine. The site’s database of films can be filtered by actor and genre, but you can also search for a mood, or any combination of queries. This is a great way to help filter results, although the site does sometime offer up some odd solutions. (Searching for “Sad Nicolas Cage” won’t bring up ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ but “Gloomy Nicolas Cage” will).

Jinni also features a collage-based search engine (in addition to its traditional textual one) that displays a series of stills from films based on your search. It’s a nice way to get a visual taste of what a movie has to offer, and feels far more specific than any Netflix recommendations.


clerk dogs
Clerkdogs offers quick and seamless movie recommendations. Simply enter a movie you love, and the site will provide a series of results, split into tiers of how closely the site thinks each title will match your taste. It also offers creative and “wild card” matches for those who want to take a shot at films that might not wholly fit their interests.

Clicking on any movie will provide you with its basic synopsis and cast info, as well as a breakdown of its attributes, from violence to humor. These attributes are comparatively measured, telling you, for example, if a film is more or less funny than the one you originally wanted.



Enter an actor or director’s name into Nanocrowd’s search engine, and you’ll get an IMDB-like list of that person’s work, but searching by title is where Nanocrowd’s unique filtering method comes into play. Enter a film you like, and you’ll be prompted to select from one of several three-word “nanogenres” that pertain to your search.

These nanogenres divide your search into extremely specific niches, from “sex surreal culture” (‘Liquid Sky’) to “depressed quirky desire” (‘Me and You and Everyone We Know’). The results are surprisingly spot-on, and can be instantly added to your Netflix queue if you’re a Nanocrowd member.

The site also offers a ‘Will I Like It?’ search method, by which you enter a title you think you might like, rate related movies that you’ve seen, and see if the one-word descriptors that Nanocrowd provides will work for your taste.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomato Picker is a surprisingly helpful resource. Recommendations are based on a series of user criteria, from genre to a film’s Tomato-meter rating (which considers critics’ comments). While it may not be all that complex, Rotten Tomatoes does provide at-a-glance reviews that can help you make fast decisions.

This is an excellent resource if you want a quick pick that you know will be good.
Rotten Tomatoes

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