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Coping Children Who are Overweight Children

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Coping Children Who are Overweight Children :Children who are chubby, so more and more national and international attention. Children ages two to five years and who had a fat can be a candidate for overweight adolescents.

And sometimes remain obese into adulthood and old. Obesity can cause a person experienced Morbidity, disability, discrimination and labor issues.

This condition has become the greatest public attention than the use of cigarettes. Bad eating behavior can make a disease that decreases in children being overweight.

Many health educators and medical professionals hope to raise public awareness and preventive action against health problems. Use of the game healthy, choose healthy foods and recreational activities that encourage the body is the main list on done.

Nurses need to consider appropriate measures so that the kids are on the right track and shows a good example to children.

National Health Survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control came to the conclusion that a third of American children are now experiencing the condition of your weight. These children have experienced the risks of obesity.

Health problems will be seen from these kids from the problem of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and increased risk of diabetes. This disease usually occurs in adults and now in children.

Prevent the children so as not overweight can be done by following an active lifestyle and healthy. Children can be trained to play something active. The emphasis of the positive benefits of good behavior can make a difference.

Therefore, we must realize that your health and children is something very valuable. You can learn from your own body shape and maintain a good diet so that the display can be used as role models by children. You also get the benefits of healthy eating and become thinner.

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